® Score Recipient Application For Business Schools

Institutions that award graduate degrees and non-degree-granting organizations that award graduate fellowships are eligible for consideration by ETS as recipients of GRE® (Graduate Record Examinations®) scores. Institutions and non-degree-granting organizations that do not meet either one of these requirements are, in general, not eligible to be score recipients. ETS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to grant or revoke a DI (as such term is defined below) based on eligibility requirements or for any other reason, and to make exceptions to its policy, under special circumstances.

If your institution meets the requirements stated above, ETS will send you a letter or email with your Designated Institution (DI) code within approximately two (2) weeks after receiving your application.

When GRE candidates select your institution as a score recipient during registration, on the day of their test, or within a period of five (5) years after their test date, their scores will be made available to your institution via the ETS® Data Manager and/or sent directly to the "Authorized Score Recipient" you designate below on this form.

Appropriate Use of GRE Scores

GRE score recipients may use GRE score data for purposes of evaluating applicants to (i) graduate programs and (ii) graduate fellowship/scholarship programs. GRE score recipients may not, without the express, prior, written consent of ETS, use GRE score data for any other purpose, or copy, release, provide access to or otherwise disclose GRE score data to anyone except individuals within their particular organization having a need to know.

By applying to ETS for a DI code, you acknowledge that ETS is, and at all times shall remain, the owner of all GRE score data and that your Institution does not have, nor will it acquire, any right in and to the GRE score data by virtue of receiving a DI code. ETS reserves the right to monitor access and use of the GRE score data by all GRE score recipients.

ETS publishes a list of official GRE score recipients in the GRE testing package for the computer-delivered GRE General Test, which is updated on a regular basis, and in the GRE® Institutions & Fellowship Sponsors Approved to Receive GRE Scores list at, which is updated regularly. No personally identifiable information is published.

Application Form

If you are an authorized representative of an institution interested in becoming a recipient of official GRE scores, we invite you to complete the application form below.

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Authorized Score Recipient Information:

An Authorized Score Recipient is an individual designated by your institution to receive GRE score information and official GRE score reports. 
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Accessing GRE Score Data Through the ETS Data Manager:

Once your institution has been approved as a GRE score recipient, individuals at your institution will have easy, on-demand, secure access to score information and test-taker data through the ETS Data Manager. The service is free to institutions and organizations that have a GRE score reporting code.

To use the ETS Data Manager, at least one Lead Administrator needs to be designated to access score information and manage Secondary Users. Secondary Users can also access score data online but aren’t responsible for approving and managing who has access to the data. The Lead Administrator can customize viewing privileges for each secondary user based on your institution’s needs or policies. Designate a Lead Administrator below.

Lead Administrator Who Will Access the ETS Data Manager
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